Welcome to the Home Page of the Daughters of Italy
Lodge #2825 (
Order Sons of Italy in America - OSIA). Get
to know us. We are the first all-women’s lodge in Florida
and very proud to be a part of OSIA, a national
organization having the distinction of being the oldest and
largest organization for Italian-American men and women
in the United States.

Over 100 years ago on New York, on June 22, 1905,
OSIA founder, Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro, in his inaugural
address, spoke eloquently about the hopes and dreams of
Italian immigrants living in this country. His words are as
significant today as they were then. They have a profound
wisdom to touch the core of who we are:

"Today I have a dream, and a hope that someday, even if
it takes a hundred more years before we are fully
accepted, our children and their children's children, even
if they carry a single drop of Italian blood, will be able and
proud to continue to carry on our traditions, our culture
and our language. It is up to us, and what we do today."

Over these many years, Dr. Sellaro's words have
resonated from coast to coast. Through the efforts and
determination of
The Order of Sons of Italy in America,
hundreds of thousands of Italians and Italian-Americans
have been given the opportunity to share in the greatness
and have helped build a better United States. And through
the Daughters of Italy Lodge, we hope to inspire future
generations to dream the same vision as Dr. Sellaro.

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