Lodge #2825

"What interested me most about starting an all-women’s
Lodge of the Order Sons of Italy (OSIA) was the fact that
OSIA is a well-respected organization that started as a
dream of Italian-American immigrants one hundred years
ago and has progressed into a venerated group of men
and women who hold the ideals of their heritage to the
highest level. Each of the lodges throughout the U.S. is its
own entity with the main purpose being to promote the
Italian heritage, culture and language."

- Vincenza DiLiberti, President
 Lodge #2825

The Daughters of Italy Lodge #2825 was established in
May 2005, and received its official charter during a
presentation ceremony on June 26, 2005, coincidentally
on the 100th anniversary of the Order Sons of Italy in
America. We are a diversified group of women -
businesswomen, homemakers, mothers, single women -
several of who are fluent in both Italian and English.
There are many Italian regions from where our members
or their families come from. Nevertheless, our goal is a
unified one - a determination to promote Italian culture,
the language, and preserve the many wonderful traditions
that are represented throughout the regions of Italy.

The Florida State Senate passed Senate Resolution 3070
on May 1, 2007, recognizing the Daughters of Italy Lodge
#2825, the Clearwater chapter of the Order Sons of Italy
in America (OSIA), the nation’s oldest and largest
organization of men and women of Italian heritage. The
lodge was congratulated for becoming the first all-
women's lodge of the Grand Lodge of Florida (OSIA) as
well as for promoting Italian culture and language and
preserving the many wonderful traditions of the various
regions of Italy.

The resolution acknowledges the lodge’s charitable
endeavors, including Cooley’s anemia, Alzheimer’s, and
Cancer, as well as recognizing the lodge’s desire to help
deserving students further their educational aspirations
through scholarships.  The Daughters of Italy Lodge
#2825 was also applauded for its continuing struggle
against prejudice, bigotry, and defamation of Italians,
Italian-Americans, and other groups or persons.


As a filial lodge of OSIA, the Daughters of Italy are proud
to volunteer our time for the meaningful charities
endorsed by OSIA as well as the philanthropic endeavors,
which are dear to our individual lodge:

Cooley's Anemia Foundation
Alzheimer's Association
Breast Cancer Research
Autism Foundation
Daughters of Italy Lodge #2825 Scholarship

Committee for Social Justice

With over 25 million Italians and Italian-Americans living in
the U.S., the lodges of the Order of Sons of Italy in
America are vigilant in fighting prejudice, bigotry, and
defamation of Italians, Italian-Americans, as well as other
groups of individuals. Through CSJ, whose slogan is
"Fighting Bias - Building Pride," a more positive image of
Italians and Italian-Americans has been effectively