Our meetings, usually held on the last Thursday of each month, may be
"for women only", but we definitely invite husbands and other guest to our
events. We understand and cherish the family -
"La Famiglia" - that
important, integral part of our lives. Occasionally, we have potluck dinner
meetings when family members and guests are invited to share in the
culinary expertise of our members. These evenings are a big hit and a
wonderful opportunity to
"break bread" with lodge sisters and guests.

We make it a point at each monthly meeting to devote a portion of the
evening to culture, whether it is a guest speaker, or a discussion of
various Italian regions, or a short film, or even a display of items from Italy.
Membership participation is greatly encouraged, and interesting and
informative discussions and presentations are enjoyed.

Meeting Dates
(all days are on Thursdays)

Clearwater Community Church
2897 Belcher Road, Dunedin, FL
(corner of Belcher Road and Republic Drive)

6 pm – 8:30 pm
Room: 206 (Education Building)

January 29
February 26
March 26
April 30
May 21
June 25
July 30
August 27
September 24
October 29
November 19
December 5 – Christmas Party
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