Being part of the Daughters of Italy Lodge #2825 is a
wonderful feeling of family. The members are comprised
of women, both young and old, who have a warmness
and friendship that envelope you in their embrace. Our
love for our heritage bonds us together with a strong
emotional tie that encourages others to share in that

To join, you must be a female, 18 years or older; you
must be of Italian ancestry or your spouse must be
Italian, or your adoptive parents are Italian. You then
become a REGULAR member.

There are those women who love everything Italian but
do not meet the above qualifications; in that case, you
may still become part of the Daughters of Italy Lodge as
a SOCIAL member.

A majority of our members live full time in the Tampa Bay
area; there are several who are winter visitors. All our
members enjoy receiving Daughters of Italy's monthly
newsletter along with the quarterly Florida Grand Lodge
"The Floridian," and the national OSIA
magazine -

Our dues schedule is as follows:
When joining during January - June:
 $45  + $10 one time application fee

When joining during July - December:
     $22.50  + $10 one time application fee

All Renewals are paid annually in January - $45

For additional information, please contact:
Cathy Lazzizzera, Membership Chair


Vincenza DiLiberti, President
727-455-1521 Cell